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Hi, I’m Cynthia! I am a wife, mom of 3, blogger and host of the MESSmerized podcast. I love Jesus, my family, foster care, and having lots of people around me as often as possible.

I believe God is found in the real life, everyday moments of parenting, marriage, friendships, and everywhere in between. Let’s look for him together.

Season 1 :: Episode 27

Advent Hope with Steve Frissell

It’s December and the time of year when we start receiving the perfect Christmas cards in the mail at the exact time as our “friends” start posting their perfectly wrapped presents underneath their fabulously decorated Christmas trees. Sickening, am I right? Ha.

I’m fighting my own battle against the urge to make everything look perfect by sending out quite possibly the worst Christmas card picture any family has dared to mass produce. You’re welcome, and listen to today’s show if you’re interested in getting your own copy of it. 

Now for the real stuff. . . . We’re spending the next few weeks focusing on Advent. Each week we will explore one of the advent themes: hope, peace, joy, and love. Today, Steve Frissell is joining us to consider how Jesus’ birth in a manger brings hope to our world still today. 

Tune in all month as we work to keep our focus on our Savior (and away from the bad Christmas cards like the one I’m sending out). And below are discussion questions if you want to hit this topic during your quiet time or even with your family at dinner.


Discussion questions:

  • Where does our culture look to find hope? 
  • In what areas do you struggle to remain hopeful? 
  • In what ways did Jesus’ birth bring hope 2000 years ago? 
  • How is our perspective reframed if we trust in Jesus today as our ultimate hope? 

Verses on hope to consider:

  • Romans 12:12
  • Romans 15:4
  • Psalm 147:11
  • Hebrews 11:1

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