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Hi, I’m Cynthia! I am a wife, mom of 3, blogger and host of the MESSmerized podcast. I love Jesus, my family, foster care, and having lots of people around me as often as possible.

I believe God is found in the real life, everyday moments of parenting, marriage, friendships, and everywhere in between. Let’s look for him together.

Dave Wilson Ann Wilson MESSmerized Podcast with Cynthia Yanof

Season 1 : Episode 50

How do I improve my marriage? Guests Dave & Ann Wilson

It’s week two of our new series asking “how do I _____” questions. Each week we’re bringing in amazing guests with practical advice for all areas of life. If you missed last week with Courtney DeFeo, we talked about cheering on other women, and you definitely need to go back and listen if you missed it. So so good. 🎉


This week we are tackling marriage, and I’m so excited for you to meet Dave and Ann Wilson. They are pastors, speakers, and hosts of the nationally syndicated radio show Family Life Today. But more than that, they are hilariously honest and real as they talk about marriage and how they’ve gotten it wrong over the years, and the lessons they’ve  learned along the way. 


Today Dave and Ann are giving us five tips for improving our marriage, and you don’t want to miss them. I’ll give you two of them to peak your interest (but definitely go listen to the show for all five points and lots of fun discussion around them): 

  1. Don’t run away from conflict

  2. Deal with your family of origin baggage


Yep, that’s just the beginning, and I promise you will leave encouraged and full of practical ways to work on your marriage this week. 


So grateful for you guys and I would be incredibly grateful if you would leave a review for the show so that others can find us!


Have a great week!


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