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Hi, I’m Cynthia! I am a wife, mom of 3, blogger and host of the MESSmerized podcast. I love Jesus, my family, foster care, and having lots of people around me as often as possible.

I believe God is found in the real life, everyday moments of parenting, marriage, friendships, and everywhere in between. Let’s look for him together.

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Season 1 :: Episode 43

Where faith meets mental health: Laura Smith

I hope you’re taking some time this week to slow down and spend a few minutes pondering Holy Week and all that it means to your faith. My prayer is that we don’t come out on the other side of Easter the same way we went into it. I pray that the very reminder of Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice on the cross sparks a new hope in our lives, causing us to want more God in our lives than we currently have. 


Every year on Good Friday, my husband pulls out the ol’ “It’s Friday . . . but Sunday’s Coming” message at some point when we’re all in the car together. He gets mocked for this predictable move every year, but gosh it’s a message we need to hear on repeat. Take a minute to listen this week and even follow Mike’s lead and throw it on the car radio for the fam. 


On today’s show we have Lisa Whittle talking with us about revival, and how to experience it both on a corporate and personal level. Lisa is passionate about the importance of desiring and wanting more God in our lives—which leads to a personal revival that can literally change everything about how we live. 


I especially appreciate her list of things that keep us from revival, or wanting more God. Things like our need for comfort, control, and even popularity. This is a perfect word for us going into Easter, and I pray it challenges you in the coming days.



P.S. Many of you have reached out about having me speak at your upcoming events, and I’m so honored. Yes, I do lots of speaking and would love to talk about foster care, parenting, marriage, the messiness of life, or anything else! Reach out here and let’s get things rolling.


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