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Hi, I’m Cynthia! I am a wife, mom of 3, blogger and host of the MESSmerized podcast. I love Jesus, my family, foster care, and having lots of people around me as often as possible.

I believe God is found in the real life, everyday moments of parenting, marriage, friendships, and everywhere in between. Let’s look for him together.

Jenna Griffith MESSmerized with Cynthia yanof

Season 1 : Episode 59

Episode 59 How do I find joy? With Jenna Griffith

I’ve been trying to slow down and enjoy the “moments” this summer with my family. It slips by so quickly if we aren’t careful, and that seems especially true now that we have one in college (and another one going away in a year). 


Tonight we played pickle ball and let’s be clear, my kids get their athletic ability from Mike. But we laughed, watched the sunset, and ended with homemade ice cream. It feels like the perfect night full of pure joy. 


Speaking of joy (how about that transition, right?) . . . ., we’re talking with Jenna Griffith today about finding joy even when it feels elusive. Jenna is the host of the popular Joy Filled Podcast, and has five great tips that you don’t want to miss today. I think one of my favorite things we talk about is figuring out how we best connect with God, because it’s not one size fits all. 


Enjoy every second of time with your people this week. And remember, joy is most often found in the small things!



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