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Trusting God with Your Doubts with Lee Strobel

Messmerized with Cynthia Yanof – Trusting God with Your Doubts with Lee Strobel

Guys . . . we have Lee Strobel on MESSmerized today!  

Lee Strobel is a former atheist turned Christian apologist who tackles the most common questions and objections people struggle with when it comes to faith. Spoiler alert, these obstacles involve the theology around earthly suffering as well as feeling as if God is silent. 

Lee references statistics indicating that belief in God is now down to 81 percent, compared to 98 percent in the 1960s. It’s with this in mind that he wrote his latest book, Is God Real?  

Today’s show is an incredible conversation with a renowned apologist, and I can’t believe we get to have this conversation. You’re going to love his “apologetics pyramid,” a framework for engaging nonbelievers. And whatever you do, don’t miss the way he summarizes the evidence of the resurrection of Jesus in 60 seconds. It’s really incredible.

Can’t wait for you to hear this conversation with Lee Strobel!

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