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Trusting God with Our Resources with Pastor Libin Abraham

Messmerized with Cynthia Yanof -Trusting God with Our Resources with Pastor Libin Abraham

I hope you’re enjoying our “Trusting God” series as much as I am. So far we’ve talked about trusting God with our failures and our future self, and this week we’re talking about trusting God with our resources. Don’t worry, this isn’t a discussion of giving away all your money. (Although we definitely are called to live generously with all aspects of our lives, including our finances.)

Pastor Libin Abraham is my Pastor at Bent Tree Bible Church here in Dallas. My family attends this church, and I’m so excited that he’s sharing ways to identify our resources and use them to impact our culture. He challenges us to leave the “shallows” of our faith and take  a deeper dive into God’s plans and purposes for our lives. (See Luke 5 for context.)

I have to be honest with you, today’s conversation spoke directly to my heart and reminded me why I’m doing some hard things that don’t make sense outside of God. Libin calls these life decisions our “irrational acts of obedience,” and gives two questions to consider when it comes to trusting God with our resources. 

I can’t wait for you to hear this conversation! 

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