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Trusting God with Our Future Self

Messmerized with Cynthia Yanof – Trusting God with Our Future Self with Mason King

I got a text from a friend this morning asking if I was attending a “senior lunch.” I don’t have a senior in high school right now, so the first thing that entered my mind was a luncheon for senior citizens. Life is cruel when one day you’re buying tickets to Bruno Mars in Vegas, and the next day you’re contemplating a perceived invitation to an AARP luncheon.

Turns out it was in fact a lunch for moms of high school seniors (and she forgot my son was a junior.) Miscommunication? Yes. Reality check that none of us are getting any younger? Again, yes. 🤨That’s why I am thankful for today’s show on trusting God with our “future self.” 

When we consider our future self, we have to assess where we are today and figure out where we want to be in the future with things like our health, finances, and especially our faith. 

Hopefully you heard our first Monday episode a few days ago introducing  a series on spiritual rhythms. Today we’re going for a little deeper dive with Mason King, talking about trusting God with our future self and how our spiritual rhythms (or disciplines) play into this. Mason King is a Pastor at the Village Church in the Dallas area and has a book I’m loving right now, A Short Guide to Spiritual Disciplines

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A Short  Guide to Spiritual Disciplines by Mason King

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