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Trusting God with our Dreams with Wade Joye

Messmerized with Cynthia Yanof – Trusting God with our Dreams with Wade Joye

Remember the time I read a book that rocked my world (in a good way), and I randomly emailed the author to come on the podcast and then cried when I finally met him? Me neither.

But if that were to happen (which it totally did), the author would be Wade Joye, the book would be This Dream is Not for You, and today’s show is the conversation you must hear. 

We all have dreams, and oftentimes they are not career related. Dreams for our marriage, our family, our kids’ lives and, yes, sometimes for our career. But when those dreams don’t line up with our reality, it’s tricky learning to trust God while loosening our grip. 

There’s so much I could tell you about today’s show because I love it that much—but let me give you a few highlights of what we discuss:

  • The difference in calling vs. purpose vs. assignment
  • Understanding how dreams that define you it will ultimately destroy you
  • Holding loosely to expectations knowing Jesus is the ultimate goal
  • Guarding gratitude in our lives and being someone else’s source of applause

I wrote this quote down on a sticky note in my office, and it sort of sums up today’s show: “God’s love is expressed just as much in what he limits as in what he allows.” 

Take a minute to consider those words and then join me in a great conversation about the dreams God has for our lives and the ones we need to let go. 

I can’t wait for you to hear from Wade today!

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