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Trusting God When Your Story Changes with Cary and Cara Pierce

Messmerized with Cynthia Yanof -Trusting God When Your Story Changes with Cary and Cara Pierce

I couldn’t be more hyped-up for you to hear our guests today as a part of the “trusting God” series.

We have Cary and Cara Pierce joining us, and I’ve been hoping to make this happen for a LONG time. Not only are they dear friends, but they are hilarious and “real” people who know a thing or two about trusting God when your dreams change.

Cary is a part of the band Jackopierce, traveling across the country entertaining millions of fans over the last 30 years. His wife, Cara, is an attorney and amazing woman of faith. Cary hit it big by the world’s standards shortly after college, with every rock band dream seemingly in front of him. But the Lord had plans to draw Cary closer to him, a plan that was not without hardship and loss before healing and redemption.

Today’s conversation is about fame, disappointment, blended families, using your platform for the Lord, and seeing God’s goodness even in the midst of dream changes.

Take a few minutes to listen, and then please share this with a friend.

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