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Messmerized with Cynthia Yanof – The Worry Cycle with Sissy Goff

Sissy is a Licensed Counselor from Nashville, Tennessee, and although she’s a frequent guest on CNN, GMA, and NBC Nightly News, she’s also just an amazing woman with an abundance of wisdom around anxiety and worry.

Recent statistics show that 5.6 million kids have been diagnosed with anxiety. And if a parent has anxiety, research shows their child is seven times more likely to experience it as well. In other words, today’s conversation is pretty much on point for every single one of us. 

Sissy and I have a great conversation coming your way about identifying anxiety in our kids, coping techniques, and what’s normal versus what might need a little more attention. She also covers ways to show empathy without overplaying unreasonable fears.

Everytime scripture tells us not to fear, it gives us context about who God is, how much he loves us and how much he is providing for us.”

Sissy Goff

Her new book is just out, The Worry Free Parent, and it’s a great resource. Let’s take time as summer wraps up to have some intentional family conversations around anxiety and how to work through it.

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