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Sidetracked: Fall, Homecoming, and Sibling Relationships

Sidetracked: Fall, Homecoming, and Sibling Relationships with Heather and Cynthia

IT’S FINALLY FALL! The air is crisp (at least for Dallas), the pumpkin lattes are flowing, and the mums are blooming. 

In honor of the change in seasons, this week we’re taking a quick break from our “Trusting God” series to have a few laughs with my dear friend, Heather MacFadyen from Don’t Mom Alone. 

We’re laughing/lamenting about everything from Homecoming Mums, teen language we don’t understand, and even some of the hard things going on in our lives these days. 

I especially appreciate Heather’s thoughts on the comparison trap and how to identify the struggle and make strides to move forward. And we also hit on sibling rivalry and helping our kids handle conflict well.

In a room full of opportunities, have the friend who’s shouting your name instead of their own.”

Heather MacFadyen

Last thing . . . if you don’t already know, Heather and I have a monthly podcast called “Sidetracked” that releases on Don’t Mom Alone podcast the first Friday of every month. Today is a a little peek into that show. If you love it, please subscribe to Don’t Mom Alone where Heather and I will be teaming up the first Friday of every month!

Happy Fall!

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