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Surviving Summer Parenting with Ken Wilgus

Messmerized – Surviving Summer Parenting with Ken Wilgus

It’s summer and let’s be honest . . . . someone needs to start doing a little better job raising the kids in our house. (Or maybe that’s just the current situation in my house 😂).

At some point over here we decided a swim in the pool constitutes bathing, and slushies are a food group. An intervention probably needs to be staged. 

Either way, in honor of the dog-days of summer parenting we’re hitting some important topics today with the much-loved Dr. Ken Wilgus. 

For over 30 years Dr. Ken has helped parents prepare and launch their kids into adulthood. And today we’re talking about current trends in parenting, good parenting vs. Christian parenting, and even the changing nature of our relationship with our kids as they grow up. 

I especially appreciate his thoughts on must-have summer conversations with our kids, and hills to die on in parenting (and the things we really need to let go).

The goal of disciplining a child is obedience. The goal of disciplining a teenger is responsibility.

Ken Wilgus

Oh, and an effort to be full-service on MESSmerized, I kick-off today’s show by breaking down some of the words you’re probably hearing in your kids’ vocabulary (and you have no idea what they mean). For example, “ris” “cap” “bussin” . . . . you get the point.

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