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Where’s My Place? with Heather MacFadyen

Messmerized with Cynthia Yanof – Where’s My Place? with Heather MacFadyen

There’s some exciting news around here I’ve been waiting to share!

My dear friend Heather MacFadyen and host of the very popular Don’t Mom Alone podcast has asked me to be on her show for the next six weeks. We’re doing a summer of mentorship series and the first episode is out now. We’re covering all kinds of parenting tips as well as “important topics” like the time my son put a cherry bomb exhaust system on his truck and even Heather’s texting habit that needs an intervention. Don’t miss it this summer.

I’ve read all the books, and I’ve recorded 400 episodes on my podcast with all the experts — it is only God in your child’s life that is going to do anything good.

Heather MacFadyen

In honor of this fun announcement I’ve invited Heather to join us on MESSmerized today. We’re taking a deeper look at how to know if you’re in the space God has for you and how to occupy it well. Heather has a great word for us when it comes to dealing with comparison struggles, hearing God’s voice in our lives, and recognizing (and encouraging) our kids’ giftings from the earliest age. Right Where You Belong is her new book out on this topic and a must-read. 

I’m so grateful to each of you who listen each week. I would be grateful if you would share MESSmerized with your people. 

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