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Defiantly Joyful: Navigating Life’s Hard Roads with Jonathan Pitts

Messmerized with Cynthia Yanof – Defiantly Joyful: Navigating Life’s Hard Roads with Jonathan Pitts

I think we can all agree that God writes the very best stories for our lives. I think we can also agree that sometimes those stories are incredibly difficult roads that we’d rather not walk if we’re honest. 

Today on MESSmerized we have my friend Jonathan Pitts joining us to talk about life, loss, and his decision to be “defiantly joyful” no matter the situation. Besides being an incredible human who loves Jesus, Jonathan’s life is an example of holding your plans loosely and trusting God as the Master Author.

Gratitude has a powerful way of bringing healing to your soul. I could have sulked over what I had lost, but being thankful gave me the peace I needed and the reasons to keep on the path of faith and faithfulness.

Jonathan Pitts

You may remember that Jonathan’s wife, Wynter, passed away suddenly five years ago. Today we get an update on Jonathan and his four girls, and insights on grief, celebrating each day, and clinging to the only One who brings hope. 

I’m so thrilled to have Jonathan back with us! You’re going to love him.

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