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Caring for Aging Parents with Dr. Mary Norman

Messmerized with Cynthia Yanof – Caring for Aging Parents with Dr. Mary Norman

We are full-service on MESSmerized as we transition out of talking parenting and back-to-school to jumping to the other side of the age pendulum and caring for our aging parents.  

Dr. Mary Norman joins us today with an incredibly wise and practical discussion on  caring for our aging loved ones. She covers both things to do now if our parents are healthy, and ways to be helpful as they require more assistance. 

Here’s a few of the topics we cover that you don’t want to miss:

  • Legal documents and conversations to have now if your parents are healthy 
  • How to gracefully get involved in your parents’ healthcare 
  • What is ‘normal’ and what deserves further consideration with memory loss
  • Thoughts on medical care facilities and choosing the right one

This is a show that’s jam-packed with wisdom for  every single one of us with aging parents. Oh, and fun-fact: Dr. Norman is one of my relatives but we don’t really know how we’re related so we just call each other cousins. More on that in the show.

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