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Max Lucado on Trusting God with our Failures

Messmerized with Cynthia Yanof – Max Lucado on Trusting God with our Failures

JB, my youngest son, fell over a Lysol can in the living room and is currently on crutches. I promise I didn’t make this up. More details are coming on today’s show, but if you’re not following me on social media, you need to if for no other reason than to see the cuteness of him navigating crutches (unsuccessfully).

Today we’re kicking off a series on trusting God and letting go of our metaphorical crutches in order to hand our deepest struggles over to the Lord. Psalm 20:7 is one of my favorite verses on trust: “Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God.” 

It’s doubtful you’re tempted to put your trust in chariots and horses, but those blanks are likely filled in with things like financial stability, a spouse’s approval, recognition, achievement, or a number of other things.

Let’s take a few months to consider how we can very practically learn to trust God in the areas where we are inclined to use the crutches of worry, addiction, approval, etc. 

Here’s a little preview of where we’re heading the next few months:

This week we have none other than the amazing Max Lucado with us. We’re talking about trusting God with our failures because  God Never Gives Up On You, despite the shortcomings and fall flat on your face moments that inevitably happen. 

Take a minute to listen to Pastor Max today, and then share this with a friend as we kick-off our new fall series!

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