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God-sized Callings with Steve Frissell

Messmerized with Cynthia Yanof – “God-sized Callings” with Steve Frissell

It’s National Adoption Month, and I would be remiss if I didn’t talk at least a little bit about adoption—since it has changed our lives in all of the best ways! 

But today we’re also talking more generally about the God-sized callings that are placed on our lives. It’s those things that God asks us to do as a step of faith and a call to obedience. For some of us it’s adoption, but for others it’s a mission trip, or a financial investment into Kingdom purposes, or even stepping into someone else’s story who desperately needs your friendship. 

Steve Frissell is with us today, and he’s turning the tables a bit to ask me questions about our adoption journey. We are praying you will really be encouraged to chase after the things God is asking you to do right now—using our words as a springboard to encourage you in the things that feel too hard, impractical, or even impossible in this season of life. 

So glad you’re with us today!

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