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All Things Summer with Cynthia feat. Heather MacFadyen

Messmerized with Cynthia Yanof – All Things Summer feat. Heather MacFadyen

Hello from Colorado!

We’re FINALLY on family vacation, and the high temps are in the 70s and the lows are in the 40s. I basically want to rededicate my life to Jesus, I’m so happy right now. 

But I’m also excited for today’s show because it’s a free-flow of my thoughts around the book I’m reading on vacation (Atomic Habits) and the ways our habits shape our spiritual lives. I also share a little insight into the many ways Colorado has not been our friend over the years–yet we’re back again. 

I cannot stress to you enough that you need to follow me on social to see a video I will be posting of an “incident” that occurred last time we were here. 

As an added bonus, I end today’s show with a conversation that Heather MacFadyen and I recently taped for her Don’t Mom Alone podcast. We talk about communicating with our kids, carpool disasters, and the value of an “easy yes” in parenting.

There is no situation with our kids where me adding intensity helps.

Heather MacFadyen

This is definitely a summer episode that doesn’t disappoint. Can’t wait for you to listen!

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